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Badger's class received an exciting email this week.


Dear All,
Thank you for sharing the photographs and videos of the activities done by the students. It was interesting to see the clay models and read the lyrics of the rap composed by the students regarding dental hygiene. Creative indeed!
In EVS we just completed a research project on the topic of Birds in our surrounding. Children in groups were  given a particular bird to work on. They researched and presented the same in creative ways. Their presentations included poetry, songs and enactment. It helped develop skills like scientific temperament, team-work and leadership in children. The students of Std. 1 and 2 are going to learn about Transport next.
We also celebrated National Science Day on 28th Feb. Students of Std. 2 conducted simple experiments for the students of std. 1, 3 and 4 on topics like Magnetism, Static Electricity, Air, Water, Light and Energy.
Our students of Std. 1 went to visit an animal hospital as part of the their last topic ‘Pet and Farm Animals’.  Children were thrilled to collect and donate food and medicines for the animals there. Students of Std. 2 went to the zoo and are now going to visit the museum to learn about animals and birds, especially the process of taxidermy.
We do not celebrate ‘Pancake Day’ in India. However, recently we celebrated Holi, the festival of colours. It is celebrated all over India to welcome the spring season. Adults and children play with colours and spray water on each other. We encourage children to use natural organic colours.
We have included a few pictures of the above activities which we hope you will share with your class.
Namita Ambasht and Lovika Vaz
Udayachal Primary School

Udayachal Primary School


We are very lucky to have established a link with Udayachal Primary School in India. The school is situated in Vikhroli (East) region of Mumbai. 


Both Badgers and Owls have been in contact with Standard Three and Standard Four within the school.


So far we have received some amazing pieces of writing from both classes, as well as what their school trips look like. 

Please visit to look at the school and see what types of things they have also been getting up to. 

The elephant below was made by the children as part of an art competition which they won! They were also given the chance to plant seedlings on this trip.