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Sports Week 2021




We stared the day by having a go at some athletics on the field.

We tried running in the lanes ready for sports day.

After break we got together in our house teams and created amazing banners for tomorrows big event and were able to have team talks about the different activities and races. We also spent time celebrating who our team are named after, as we found out it was Suffolk day, and we all have names of influential people from our county.

In the afternoon the rain did not stop us, we took part in some yoga in the classroom and also had a go at some of the activities we will be completing tomorrow. Including throwing bean bags, egg and spoon race and balancing a tennis ball on a racket.

Badgers and Owls


During our morning sessions we looked at the different skills we would need for dodgeball. After working on our throwing skills and a sprint starts we moved into games. We found out very quickly how even if the ball touches you a little bit you are out. Even Mrs Biltcliffe got involved, until James got her out!


In the afternoon we were put through our paces with a 90's themed aerobic routine. We worked different parts of our body to songs by Steps, The Vengaboys and Five. We thought about the importance of why a warm up and cool down are so important. 



What a fantastic sports day we have had today. The weather was perfect for a jam packed sporty  morning. All the children took part in a range of different activities in their houses, to earn as many points as they could. 

After a short break we lined up for our flat races, which all the children completed with great sportsmanship. They cheered on their housemates as well as their friends. It was great to see them enjoy all the different sports and races that we took part in today.


Congratulations to this years winners, Britten.


Another huge thank you to all of you that made it to our sports day this year. 





Otters had a great start to the day learning how to read picture maps. We had to search for the clues and find answers all around the school and church grounds.

We then had a go at making our own maps of the playground, learnt about compass points and had to find the special orienteering flags that had been placed around the school grounds.

There were 5 flags and with a lot of searching, all the children found them all.

We also noticed a special compass on our playground and checked with a real compass to see if it was pointing the right way, and it is!


Badgers and Owls 


After a full morning of rounders, which ended in a nail biting 'bat off' between the two teams. We relaxed with some sports based art work. We thought about famous footballers, athletes, cyclists and gymnasts that we knew. As a class we found out we knew a lot more footballers than any other sport. After watching clips of Simone Biles, Harry Kane, Sir Chris Hoy and Jessica Ennis Hill, the children thought about where the power and movement came from in each sport star. By using watercolour paint they created these amazing piece of art. 



An action packed morning of sack races, parachute, shot put, basketball, circus skills and skipping!

14.12.20 - Merry Christmas from everyone at Kersey!

20.11.20 - Look at our silly socks! Thank you for all of the donations towards Christmas hampers.

13.11.20 - The children wore some amazing space themed outfits for Children in Need today. Thank you for all of the donations. So far we have raised £72.51.

14.10.20 - We are so grateful to all of our families for donating 130 items for our local food bank, following our Harvest Festival. Thank you for making a difference and serving others in the community.

13.10.20 - We are very proud to receive this award!

Sports week - September 2020. We have had a very busy week trying new things. The children have experienced a climbing wall, archery, kurling, little medics and yoga.