Kersey Church of England Primary School

Achieving Potential Together

St Mary's Church, Kersey

Every Tuesday, Rev Jackson comes to school. Today he played 'it' with us!

September 2018 - a big welcome to Reverend Jackson Crompton-Battersby at our Harvest Festival

We are delighted to welcome Reverend Jackson Crompton-Battersby and his family to our Benefice.  He will be visiting the school regularly and lead collective worship and services whenever he can.  He has already made a big impact since his arrival in September 2018.

The Rector of St Mary's Church, Kersey is Rev Jackson Crompton-Battersby.  He is also the Rector for 4 other local churches, 2 more church schools, and lives in Elmsett his family.  You will receive a warm welcome from him at any of his church services, cafes and church activities. 


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