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Badgers 2017-2018

Emotions in Literacy.


As part of topic 'Play scripts' this half term we have been looking at how important emotions are. We took short clips of ourselves showing different emotions and then made our own trailers!

What do you think of them?


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Summer term newsletter

The British Museum

We loved our trip to the British Museum on Thursday 22nd of March. Upon entering the Egypt department we were amazed to see real life mummies from over 5000 years ago! We also had fun on the coach rehearsing the songs for our Easter Service! 


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Snape Maltings 2018


We were lucky enough to be invited to take part in this years Celebration of Music, at the world famous 'Snape Maltings' music venue.

Our pieces were: We'll Meet Again by Dame Vera Lynch and Go the Distance, a song made famous by the Disney film, 'Hercules'.


One of our favourite things to take part in was the finale called 'Falling Star'. We had a great session with Aga, the man who wrote the song. We managed to learn a whole new song in 45 minutes! It was a fun piece where we could dance around the stage with each other. 


Pancake Races


We had great fun on Tuesday 6th February taking part in our annual pancake races. Each class was split into year groups and then into girls and boys. It was made even trickier because not only did Badgers have to flip pancakes, but they had to squeeze through hoops as well. Well done to all the Badgers who took part! 

Year 3 boys

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Year 3 girls

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Year 4 boys

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Year 4 girls

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Our teeth are finished.

We have now finished our topic on teeth by painting our clay models. We could name the different teeth and what they are used for. 

Another thing we learnt from this lesson is how important it is to fix clay into each other, some off our teeth didn't quite make it past the drying stage! 

Remember to keep your teeth clean!

As part of our Science topic we are learning about our teeth. We were really excited to watch The Singing Dentist and then make our own raps. Some of us were even able to make our raps rhyme! 

Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You parody by Singing Dentist,,, Save Your Tooth

Uploaded by Singing Dentist on 2017-02-21.

What an amazing piece of homework.


For our homework this half term we have been given 8 different ideas to make and create. This amazing clay house has been created by Harriet. She has made sure it has a flat roof and has even included animals in her courtyard! 

Making our own teeth!


As part of our Science topic this term we have started to look at how important our teeth are. We looked at the three different types of teeth that we have and also how we need to brush our teeth to look after them.


We have started to develop our modeling skills by create our own set of teeth. We used a mirror and clay to try and create a replica of our own teeth. It was tricky to make sure the clay teeth stayed in the gums! 

A fast paced game of Onze

One of our favourite games to play in our French lesson is 'Onze'. We can now play this without any help or the words being written on display. Can you work out the rules from watching our video? 



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Are we balanced?

As part of our Science topic we looked at the idea of being balanced. We split into groups and were given time to come up with our own ways to balance. Some worked well...others started well!!!

Mountfitchet Castle

On Tuesday 31st of October, we had a great time learning about the Normans. We were able to see all the different buildings in a Norman Motte and Bailey castle. Most of our class seemed to enjoy seeing all the different ways that crime and punishment was used. We were shocked to find out that if you were late for church, you would be locked in prison! 

Viking Day

We had a great day during our Viking Day. One of the projects we created was making brooches so people knew what tribe we were part of. We had penguin, pigs and even a Roblox design.


At the end of the day we tucked into a feast of bread that we had made, chicken and our own homemade mead. We attempted to make butter, but it didn't quite work.


I would like to say a huge well done for all the different looking costumes that all the children wore. 


As part of our growing ICT knowledge, we have created our own Mersea videos. We had great fun using our own images and videos and creating captions to explain about our trip. 


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As part of our Viking topic we are learning different songs about the Vikings. Today we created our own movements to go with the song. Look at Tapestry to see our performance. 

Loki the Joker

Suitable for teaching 7-11s. This clip performs the song 'Loki the Joker' - about Norse god Loki's mischievous antics. Meet two gods - Odin and Loki (our storyteller) - and watch as Odin creates the world in five minutes flat.

Autumn Newsletter


Celebrating British Sign Language 


As a class we enjoyed revisiting and learning a selection of songs that allowed us to learn sign language.

In our partners we thought about what it must be like to be in a room where you can't hear or talk to anyone.

The Year 4's enjoyed being able to help teach the Year 3's these songs. 


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Badgers 2017-2018


Colchester Castle

On Monday 19th of June we had a great day out at Colchester Castle. We were really excited to be able to travel down into the vaults underneath the castle. In there we learnt all about the history of Colchester and how the Romans changed it. 

We then had the chance to move around the museum and look at all the different artifacts. One of these was a bread roll from the Roman times, however we think it looked more like a burnt cookie! 

Our final exercise was to make our own roundhouse and Roman villa. We had to listen and work as a team. I think we did quite well in building our different structures! 

Cycling UK

For the next 4 weeks we will be taking part in a cycling programme run by Cycling UK. So far we have worked on our breaking technique and imagining we are Laura Trott or Sir Chris Hoy in our team pursuit races. 

Prayer week

As part of prayer week we were invited to take part in a range of different activities within our church. We created a prayer rope and prayer spiral. We made prayer bridges, where every time we put a brick in our bridge we either prayed for someone, said sorry for something or said we were  thankful for something or someone. We had a great time working with Tim and Trish ffrench, Mrs Newbigging and Mrs Gibbons. 

Poor Fry

In PSHE we have been looking at the story of Humpty Dumpty. However we have focused on Fry, the egg, who was the character that pushed Humpty of the wall. As a class we came to the conclusion that Fry didn't start out as a mean person, but was actually quite sad and lonely. We have used Movie Maker to create a trailer for: Fry, the movie. 

Our Russian Olympic art work


By using Russian newspaper and images of gymnasts, we have created some moving paint images of Russian gymnasts. 

Summer term newsletter


World Book Day 2017


Thursday 2nd March. 

In class as well as being dressed up as our favourite literary characters, we will also be focusing on a specific author. 


As we have PE that day, please make sure your child's costume is easy for them to get in and out of. Also we ask that children do not wear face paint. 


Mrs Biltcliffe 

What an amazing piece of writing!


A huge well done to Harriet, who over half term produced this fantastic poem! 


Winnie the Pooh Day

We had a lot to contended with on Winnie the Pooh Day! From persevering like Eeyore to draw without our hands, to working in a team like Winnie the Pooh with our classmates! we are now going to try and use all of these ideas in our class and our work. 

Crime and Punishment


We finally figured out where all of our classroom items had been going missing! We couldn't believe it was Mrs Keeble all along. We have now created detailed wanted posters to find her! 

A great day with Sam Brearey


We have had a great day with world champion sailor Sam. He lead us through a tough training program and then spoke to us all about his life and training! 

Snape Maltings


A huge well done to all of KS2 in an amazing performance! Check out the video at http://www.fridayafternoonsmusic.co.uk/watch-live 


Here are some still shots of us performing. 



Our Class Assembly.


You are all invited to our class assembly on Tuesday 29th November at 9:15am. We would love to see as many of you there to come and see what we have been getting up to this year in Badgers class.

Days and Months


In maths this week we have been looking at using timetables and calendars to work out word problems. We have been using this rhyme to help us remember how many days are in each month.

30 days has September.....Days of the month rhyme

Please see my POPULAR ENGLISH WORDS playlist http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-rmNKGsfF5XEUWvibWVk9lhhWciGFRpr Videos of Colours, Fruits, Vegetables, Clothing, Jobs, and many more of the Most Used English Words in simple clear video form.

Tower of London



Tudor Kings and Queens


As our project in History this term, we have been researching all about the range of Kings and Queens during the Tudor period. 

Can you find any facts that you never knew about? 

Worry Dolls


As part of our PSHE topic this term we have been looking at friendship. As a class we researched Worry Dolls and found out how they are used in lots of different countries around the world. We were then given time to make some dolls of our own and take them home. 

Tudor food day.


We had a delicious time in Badger class this week, as we were able to eat like the Tudors. We were given the raw ingredients to make our own bread and butter. We found that when you leave the dough over time it rises without you even having to cook it. It certainly was a messy morning but we all had fun!

As a special treat we also had venison sausages to accompany our fresh made bread and butter!