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Science at Kersey

At Kersey we believe that science is integral to children's understanding and exploration of the world we live in. Our  hands on, exploratory science teaching encourages children to become curious and stimulates excitement and passion the learning of their surroundings. 

Throughout practical exploration and research children learn local science strategies such as biodiversity and ecosystems as well as electricity, materials and solid, liquids and gases etc. 


Through science children develop their knowledge and understanding as to why, how and what happens in scientific investigations. They broaden their questioning skills and their ability to think through scenarios scientifically. Within our curriculum we focus on enquiry, observation and practical experience within our lessons. These are taught weekly across the school. 


We all liaise and work with the Science Department at Hadleigh High School. Meetings are held frequently to discuss how the High School and their science prefects can support the development and understanding of science as well as offering their time to teach and run tailored science sessions for all of our children. They offer and kindly loan us science equipment for topics we wish to explore if necessary.


Cross Curriculum Science

Gardening Club

In addition to the weekly science teaching, we are exciting and proud to be able to offer a gardening club throughout the summer period. This allows children from all year groups to grow their understanding of plant growth and care as well as investigating the wildlife and impact nature has on these processes. The children take pride and responsibility in growing their own flowers and vegetables which are shared with the school community. 


Our Gardening Club Members


Farming Partnership with Kersey Livestock

We are extremely lucky to be able to share that we have an amazing partnership with Kersey Livestock, a local family run farm. The Suffolk culture of farming is embedded within our school, right from our Suffolk sheep logo. As a rural school we take pride in caring and understanding our environment as well as showing a passion for our history and livelihoods before the contemporary world.

Sarah and Chris at Kersey Livestock kindly allow us to visit the farm half termly to engage in farm activities that link to our school topics. For example, animal growth during Spring and the importance of crops and food during harvest. The children learn valuable life and care skills as well as having the opportunity to ask questions to real farming heroes. We continue and embed knowledge learnt on farm days back in school during extended science activities and provision.


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