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The Curriculum

Academic Year 2019-2020
Curriculum Statement of Intent

Owls (Yrs 5/6) yearly overview of the curriculum

Badgers (Yrs 3/4) Yearly overview of the curriculum

Hedgehogs (Yrs 1/2) yearly overview of the curriculum

KS1 phonics and reading


In KS1 we follow 'Letters and Sounds'  for phonics supported by the use of Phonics Bug, Espresso Education and Phonics Play. 


In reading we use the Phonics Bug and Oxford Reading Tree reading schemes. 

Times Tables Rock Stars


We use Times Tables Rock Stars in Y3-6.


Clarinets in Year 5 and 6 are taught through the Whole Class Ensemble Teaching from Suffolk County Music Service. There are other peripatetic music lessons available to children at Kersey, including guitar and piano.  


Modern Foreign Languages

All children in Key Stage 2 are taught French for one lesson of about 50 minutes per week.  Lessons are based around the Rigolo scheme.  In addition to this, a wide variety of resources including games, songs, rhymes and puppets as well as more extended texts and discussion about culture and life in France is covered.

We place great emphasis on helping children develop the confidence to speak French and the skills needed to start to understand both the written and spoken language.

Close liaison takes place with the MFL co-ordinator at our local High School, to ensure that all year 6 pupils are in a solid position from which to take their language learning further in KS3.

Within KS2 classrooms, there are visual displays (in French), which are used by children and class teachers alike to support the learning. 

Below are the curriculum maps for Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE). 

Please note that the content for the year might not be taught in the term stated or the year as we have a 2 year rolling program due to mixed age classes.