Kersey Church of England Primary School

Achieving Potential Together



To all of the children in Badgers.

I would like to say a massive thank you for making the past year so enjoyable.

I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching each and every one of you and wish you luck and success in your coming year, wherever you may be.

Keep up your hard work and work for your dreams!

I will miss you all very much.

Have a super summer.

Mrs Branton

Bridges Farm Visit

Please see below to see our photos of a fantastic day at the farm.

Fortunately the weather was very kind to us and we have a wonderful walk there and back in the sunshine. A massive thank you to Mr and Mrs Partridge for allowing to the farm and thank you to Mrs Keeble and Mr Rogers for coming with us.

The children loved the day;

'I enjoyed watching Jess the sheep dog rounding up the sheep!'

'I learnt what type of seeds there are and what food is made from them.'

'I learnt that water goes through soil.'

'I enjoyed being in the fresh air!'

Mrs Dabbs


Bridges Farm Visit 27th June 2016



Dear Parents, grandparents and carers

We hope you have had a wonderful break and the children are ready for the last school term of the year.  We have a very busy term coming up so keep checking the school website and newsletters for what’s happening.

Outlined in the table below is everything we (Mrs Branton & Mrs Dabbs) are planning to teach to Badgers this Spring term. 


Report writing

Performance poetry

Editing and improving their own writing/using grammar



Addition and subtraction

Multiplication and division



Area and perimeter

Angles and translations


Scientific enquiry (including a visit to Bridges Farm)




Judaism-making promises

History / Geography

European country comparison study-Greece


3d sculpture


Jembe drums/ ukulele



British values




Striking and fielding games



The children will continue to be set their homework on Friday, to be handed in on a Wednesday and their spellings will be set and tested on a Monday.

PE will continue to take place on Tuesday and Thursday and, as the weather is likely to change, please always ensure your child has full PE kit in school at all times. A full list of PE kit required is listed in the front of the children’s planners.

Please continue to read regularly, actively discuss your children’s books with them and write in their reading journal. All children must have their ‘Reading Journal’ in school each day, as this is the primary resource used to liaise with parents, grandparents and carers, by all teachers.  


Also, please remember that all of the children have access to the ‘Active Learning’ mathematics site. It’s lovely to see we have some regular users. It’s a fantastic way of helping to secure the children’s knowledge of the mathematical topics covered in class throughout the term. If you have any difficulties logging on or need another copy of the logging on details then please let me know.

Furthermore, if you have any queries regarding your child’s education or are able to support the school in any way with your time or expertise, please contact either of us through the school office email or book an appointment to see us via the school office and we will make sure that the other teacher is aware of your concerns.


Kind regards

Mrs Branton & Mrs Dabbs


Blue Peter

As with many children within our school and our class, Isabella S submitted a piece of (Art) work to Blue Peter and on this occasion not only did they award her with a badge, but they also featured her piece of Artwork.

Well done Isabella!



They have arrived...

Now to set up the investigation and get the 'Rocket' seeds growing.

Watch this space for regular up-dates.





Kersey CEVC Primary School to grow seeds from space!


The Badgers class at Kersey Primary School are preparing to become space biologists and embark on a voyage of discovery by growing seeds that have been into space.


In September, 2kg of rocket seeds were flown to the International Space Station (ISS) on Soyuz 44S where they would spend several months in microgravity before returning to Earth in March 2016. The seeds have been sent as part of Rocket Science, an educational project launched by the RHS Campaign for School Gardening and the UK Space Agency. 


Kersey Primary will be one of up to 10,000 schools to receive a packet of 100 seeds from space, which they will grow alongside seeds that haven’t been to space and measure the differences over seven weeks. The pupils won’t know which seed packet contains which seeds until all results have been collected by the RHS Campaign for School Gardening and analysed by professional biostatisticians. 


The out-of-this-world, nationwide science experiment will enable the students to think more about how we could preserve human life on another planet in the future, what astronauts need to survive long-term missions in space and the difficulties surrounding growing fresh food in challenging climates.


Rocket Science is just one educational project from a programme developed by the UK Space Agency to celebrate British ESA astronaut Tim Peake’s Principia mission to the ISS and inspire young people to look into careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects, including horticulture. 





We ran our 'Sports Relief' mile for charity this morning, then cooled off with our weekly swim...ready for lunch!


Wow! What a night at the Kersey Museum!


We had so much fun!

Badgers learnt all about Tutankhamun and his tomb.

During our workshop we created our own Egyptian diadems (crowns), we mummified apples (we will post some more updated photographs of these at a later date), we made date sweets to be taken into the after life and our own shadufs to transport water. We settled down into our pyjamas, ate pizza and watched  Night at the Museum 3 - Secret of the Tomb.

We woke early, watched a little CBBC, ate toast and then practised some of our Easter songs...




Alfie Strange: Trained Time Travellers Only


Yesterday Badgers class were lucky enough to watch a live performance of 'Alfie Strange' in conjunction with The New Wolsey Theatre.

Alfie Strange was the story of an (aged 8 ¼) boy, whom gets stucked in a book and how he escapes it. During Alfie's adventures he meets lots of characters related to British history, bringing in our ' British Values'.

Badgers had a great time!





World Book Day

We had a great day today!

We started by creating adverts for Willy Wonka's three course meal in one piece of chewing gum. Next we designed packaging for our chewing gum. After lunch we finished our versions of the French book - Va-t'en Grand Monstre Vert and then finished the day with our loved ones visiting and helping us to make Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter style top hats and decorate cupcakes, which went inside.




Discovery Café

Our 2nd Discovery Café was science based.

Our class activities were based on the book

Funny Bones by Janet & Allen Ahlberg.



We had X-ray making, drawing the correct amount of bones into a human outline, identifying animal skeletons and putting a human skeleton back together.


We will be looking at bones and skeletons in the coming weeks.


It was lovely to see so many of you.

Thank you for coming along and joining in the fun.


Below are some photographs of the afternoons events.


In ICT we have been looking at programming.

We have been using Lego WeDo to make a bird, which we are then going to program using the computer...we haven't quite finished, but below are some photos of us making the bird.




Below are some of the entries

from our class for the BBC Radio 2 500 words competition.

There are a few more to follow over the coming days...


Well done to all whom have managed to enter.

*The closing date is February 25th 2016!


How the stars came to be.


Long ago far away there was a boy Nharra. 


Before he went to sleep each night he would look up into the sky. And one night he realized there were no stars or moon. He wanted something to make the stars and moon but he did not know what to do.


One summers morning he decided to go for a walk. He walked and walked across a hot sandy dessert. He passed camels and great big triangle shaped buildings that are called pyramids.


Eventually he came to green grassy fields and then a wide open river call The River Nile. After all his walking he was very hot so decided to go for a swim in the river. He swam down deep to the bottom and he saw shiny bright colorful shells.


He then something in front  that he had never seen before. It was an animal that was like a horse with a horn on its head and a fishes tail. It was smiling at Nharra and then said “collect those beautiful colorful shells and then I will tell you what to do next”.


Nharra had to go back to the surface to get his breathe but then swam down again and started collecting the shells. Putting them in a bag he had around his neck. The creature then said, “I am The Unicorn Horn Fish of the Nile, you need to find one more shell that is the biggest of all. Then take all the shells back to your home and sit outside before you go to sleep. Then listen out for me to tell you what to do next”. Nharra could not understand how the Unicorn Horn Fish would be able to get to where he lived but he decided to do exactly as he was told. He swam and swam until he found one shell that was three times bigger than every other shell he had found. 


On his way home across the dessert Nharra’s feet got burnt from the hot sand. He was in pain and then saw his new friend, Unicorn Horn Fish walking beside him! A fish that could also walk! Nharra asked if he could jump up onto his back  and get a ride home. 


When they got home it was dark and they put all the small shells into a box with the one big one. Nharra looked up into the clear sky. It was

still very dark up high. Unicorn Horn Fish then said to through the box of shells up into the air.


Nharra did as he was told, the shells went high up into the air, but instead of falling down onto the ground they floated high up into the sky. They went up and up and up and spread out across the sky making shiny stars for everyone to see.

The one big shell shone much bigger than all the others. Nharra called it The Moon.


By Emily Lander


How the desert came to be.


One hot and not so breezy day, when the camels were passing by the town of Charactos, an 81 eyed scorpion was passing the nearby pyramids, sand hills, lizards and sphinxes. He was in desperate need of a drink as he had been walking for 566 days.


He was so thirsty that his throat was drier than sand itself. He decided to visit the closest town of Charactos to get a drink. But all he found were desperately thirsty people all over the place, except for the Pharaoh Tutessese V who had his own secret supply. Tutessese had been enjoying drinking as much water as he wished. He was even wasting it!


The scorpion was enraged by this, so he scared the Pharaoh over seven days and seven nights by standing on him when he went to bed and pretending to sting him. Eventually he got water for the people. They were so happy that they celebrated the scorpion with a special party. They played music, danced and had lots of tasty food. Although the scorpion was happy here he knew he must leave.


The 81 eyed scorpion decided to continue on his journey from place to place continuing to look for more water and after 60 years of walking, he found an enormously massive sea and his feet hurt a lot!


He slowly settled on the beach and started to sip the salty water in the uncomfortably hot sun. He thought it tasted horrible at first, but he kept drinking. He started to like the taste and soon he found that the sea level had got lower and lower. He kept drinking and drinking. By night fall there was no sea water left. The only thing left were the fish which were dancing for air. So he ate them too and thought to himself, they can live in my stomach in the water I have drunk.


The next morning the sun beat down on him and baked the sea bed dry. The wind picked up and started to blow the sea bed. Soon the sea bed was starting to make funny, large sand hills.The 81 eyed scorpion was worried he had upset the gods, so he went in to hiding and this is how the desert came to be.


By Oliver Branton


How the Water Got in to the Nile.


One cold night three flying crocodiles were hungry and needed water to drink.  So they went to search for water.  One of the crocodiles said “It will be a long journey.” The other crocodiles said “It will be fine, we must try to find something to drink and eat.” So off they went to go and find water and food.


It soon became too dark to go any further and was time for a break so they stopped to sleep. In the hot and sunny morning, they searched some more and a long way in the distance one of the crocodiles spied a pond with plenty of food around it. They hurried to it as fast as they could.


But it was not real! It was all fake, a mirage, instead it was a nest of angry cats. The Chief cat was called Bobby and he hated crocodiles, so the cats chased the crocodiles away. They had to run for a long time before the cats would leave them alone and went back to their nest.


Some time later the crocodiles found the Nile river, but it was empty and no water or food was there. The crocodiles were very thirsty and hungry now so fell asleep and in the morning it had rained and rained while they were asleep and the Nile was full with flowing, blue water. There was also yummy food all around that they had not seen in the dark the night before.


The crocodiles were able to eat and drink until their tummies were full. They swam for a bit in the Nile and then dozed in the heat of the sun.


That is how the water got in to the Nile.


By Clarice MacKenzie


The Suns life.


Once there lived a Kikiwaka called Kamuny. Kamuny was 7ft tall and from what he thought he was the tallest in his village. Kamuny didn't know because there was no light at all. Kamuny didn't have a clue where he was so, he would always bash into something like a tree and stuff like that.


Kamuny was scared of seeing everyone and worried he might he might get hurt ( even though he was already bashed and bruised.)  Kamuny was very annoyed with the world. He wished he didn't even have a life.


All Kamuny knew was that there was a crocodile who Kept eating all of his friends. Kamuny was scared of the beastly croc. His eyes were wild orange and teeth as sharp as a rock. Kamuny didn’t like the croc, he was very very MEAN!


One day when Kamuny went for a walk he noticed he was stepping on lots and lots of crunchy things but they were to hard to snap. Kamuny had know idea what these things were. He picked two up

and started to rub them together. He didn't know what they were but they were twigs and they eventually made a fire.


Kamuny looked around for everyone. At once he saw everyone but they were humongous! Then he realised they weren't humongous they were on trees and he could see why. There was the crocodile.


Kamuny ran for his life and threw the fire into the sky. It stayed there and it lit up the whole world everyone was astonished, they all came down from the trees and killed the crocodile. From that day on everyone loved Kamuny as much as they loved themselves.


By Frank Rogers


The Birth of The Sun.


A very, very long time ago Egypt was in total darkness and cold. Back then there was no light and everyone knew of the legend of the basilisk of the Nile.

A young boy named Khamuny lived in a small house in Memphis, a small village on the edge of the desert.  The houses were small, built out of dried mud, wooden doors and curtains over the windows.  Khamuny never bothered going outside because it was always dark and he feared the mythical creature that lurked around near the Nile would one day come to Memphis. A giant snake!

One night Khamuny was awoken by the terrifying squeal of his pet sphinx. There was something was strange was happening outside.  “Hmmm”, he thought.  Slowly, Khamuny crept towards the door.  Unexpectedly, a gust of wind blew the curtain against the wall and the door swung open.  Khamuny hesitated for a moment then ducked behind the door and hid.

There was a deadly hissing sound.  It was the giant snake!  The legends were true! Peering through the door was a gigantic creature with terrifying devilish fiery ruby red eyes. Its razor blade sharp teeth looked fierce and venomous and its forked tongue was like a vicious whip as it tasted the air. A massive 90-meter-long body with scaly black diamond shapes, which had light green edges. It was a beast of a snake! The Nile Basilisk did exist! It was at Khamuny’s door!

Frozen with fear, Khamuny could not move a muscle. His heart was beating faster and faster. After a while, which felt like forever, the snake finally slipped away.  Khamuny breathed a sigh of relief.

Soon afterwards, Khamuny came out of his hiding place, when suddenly the floorboard snapped! The snake heard and came charging back towards the door. Like a thundering bolt of lightning, it smashed through the door!  Khamuny fled in terror as the giant snake slithered after him.  Khamuny darted past the stairs as the giant snake attempted to bite him, but fortunately did not succeed!

Eventually, Khamuny was able to get away from the snake’s sight and he quietly tip toed out of the back door.  Then, there was a loud crack! Khamuny had stepped on something sharp.  He carefully picked them up. They were two twigs.  Afraid that the snake would find him again, he quickly began to rub them together to create a fire. He then threw them up to the sky and magically created the sun.  Suddenly, darkness turned to light! The snake curled and hissed ferociously as the scorching heat began to rise. The glare of the sun was hurting its eyes as it had adapted to the darkness for over 50,000 years!  The battle between Khamuny and the snake was finally over.  The sun had burnt the snake!

Egypt is a very hot place these days and people no longer live in fear of mythical creatures lurking in the dark nights of Memphis.


By Xavier Potter  


The mean pharaoh.


One nice sunny day a pharaoh called Troy was resting near a pyramid guarding his sparkling gold rings and coins. The Pharaoh was scary to look at, with a black eye with a skull tattoo on his nose. His red and gold clothes glittered brightly in the sunshine. Every day he would rest near the same pyramid guarding his gold. If anybody would dare to enter this pyramid they would be gobbled up by the mean pharaoh. So the people and their animals had to walk for miles to the River Nile until they could reach any food or drink. They even had to climb loads of sand dunes and walk through sand storms. But the pharaoh had loads of soldiers so he didn’t have to walk for miles to get some food or drink. He sent the soldiers instead.

A couple of days later the people and their pets heard a massive GROAN! near the pyramid. The people thought that someone had been gobbled up by the pharaoh. The animals and the people went to see what was going on, but when they got there they had a shock. They expected to see the remains of a person but instead they saw the pharaoh siting there holding his tooth. 

From between the large stones of the pyramid came a little, brown, scruffy mouse. He waddled up the pharaoh’s tummy. The pharaoh was so busy groaning that he didn’t notice the little, brown, scruffy mouse. The mouse climbed into the pharaoh’s mouth. All the animals thought that the mouse was either crazy or very clever. When the mouse had got to where he wanted to be he took a deep breath. After that he gave the biggest tug I’ve ever seen a little, brown, scruffy mouse do . A few seconds later the little, brown mouse started to walk out of the pharaoh’s mouth with something big on his shoulder. When the mouse was half way down the pharaoh’s tummy, the pharaoh said ‘I don’t feel any pain now’. A few minutes later the mouse was busy burying the pharaohs tooth. 

The mouse said ‘do you want to keep this tooth ?‘ The pharaoh said ‘no, no, no’. The pharaoh said ‘you keep burying my tooth. By the time you get back I’ll have a surprise for you’. When the mouse came back, sitting there was the juiciest nut the mouse had ever seen. 

A couple of days later the pharaoh sent out some invitations to all of the people just to say ‘could you please come to my pyramid and we will share the food and drink’. Sometimes the pharaoh was a bit mean but he was mainly nice.


By Isabella Snell





We had great fun getting to know our Ukulele's,

during our 1st lesson...

28.1.16 100% fit! In Key Stage 2 children should be able to complete 4 minutes of continuous activity (any type-jogging, skipping, etc) without stopping. Badgers all managed it! Well done!



With the exciting news that Badgers

will be learning how to play the Ukulele with Up-Beat,

I thought the below link maybe helpful or of interest...



We have been excitedly preparing artwork for the 

'Young Art East Anglia' competition, this week.

We will be finishing it off next week.

Please look on the 'Art' page, listed below the class pages on our website to check for any Art updates.


*As per the letter sent home, please ensure all competition

name labels are returned to school before

Friday 22nd January 2016, as this is the closing date for entries.


Thank you for your support in this matter.


Mrs Branton



Please find below, a copy of this terms newsletter:


Dear Parents, grandparents and carers

We would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and hope you had a great Christmas!

Outlined in the table below is everything we (Mrs Branton & Mrs Dabbs) are planning to teach to Badgers this Spring term. 



Myths & Legends / Narrative

Letter writing

Persuasive writing


Spelling rules


Adverbial phrases



Place Value & Decimals


Addition & Subtraction

Fractions & Decimals











Kingdom and mission

How Christian’s beliefs are put into action

History / Geography

Ancient Egyptians

The Egyptian Empire

A case study of the country.


Ancient art (Hieroglyphics) & treasure sculptures.

Design & Technology

Pyramid making/Egyptian chariot making, Cartouches


Making informed decisions



Invasion games / Hockey



Net / Wall games


The children will continue to be set their homework on Friday, to be handed in on a Wednesday and their spellings will be set and tested on a Monday.


PE will continue to take place on Tuesday and Thursday and, as the weather is likely to change, please always ensure your child has full PE kit in school at all times. A full list of PE kit required is listed in the front of the children’s planners.


Please continue to read regularly, actively discuss your children’s books with them and write in their reading journal. All children must have their ‘Reading Journal’ in school each day, as this is the primary resource used to liaise with parents, grandparents and carers, by all teachers.  


Also, please remember that all of the children have access to the ‘Active Learning’ mathematics site. It’s lovely to see we have some regular users. It’s a fantastic way of helping to secure the children’s knowledge of the mathematical topics covered in class throughout the term. If you have any difficulties logging on or need another copy of the logging on details then please let me know.


Furthermore, if you have any queries regarding your child’s education or are able to support the school in any way with your time or expertise, please contact either of us through the school office email or book an appointment to see us via the school office and we will make sure that the other teacher is aware of your concerns.


Kind regards

Mrs Branton & Mrs Dabbs



Happy New Year to you all!

As our Topic focus for this term,

we are looking at the Ancient Egyptians.


In art / D&T we will be making lots of exciting Egyptian items...

Over the next week, please could your children

bring in a polystyrene food tray if possible.

We will need them for something we are going to make

in the next couple of weeks.


Thank you for your help.

Mrs Branton


5.1.16 In RE we had great fun writing our own version of 'If I were king' by David Rumer. Read both versions below.



No swimming this Friday (18th December).

Swimming will resume on Friday 8th January 2016


Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!

Mrs Branton & Mrs Dabbs



Christmas craft day.


We've had a fun filled day making Christmas snowflakes/stars, cards, eating Christmas lunch, taking part in the Reindeer Run for charity and meeting Father Christmas.




Learning about how Tectonic Plates move.


Today in Topic, we looked at how Tectonic Plates move

and the effects they have on the land above.



Mrs Branton used a shoe box cut in half filled with sand to

demonstrate how the plates move under the Earths crust.


To start with, Badgers predicted what they thought would happen

when the plates moved closer together. They correctly predicted that the plates would make the land move together and start to form a mountain, mountain range or a volcano. 




Next Badgers discussed what would happen when tectonic plates move apart and again Badgers correctly predicted that the land would fall away or crumble, just like an earthquake. 



The Badgers have really enjoyed learning all about how mountain ranges, mountains and volcanoes are formed.



Discovery Café


WOW! Thank you to everyone who came along today

for our very first Discovery Café. We had a fantastic turn-out!

Everyone seemed to have a super time and

we look forward to seeing you all again at the next one.


We had based our Café on a book called

Flotsam by David Weisner



Within the room we had:

Question posing, Postcard writing, Sea creature creating and Collage. 


Please see the photos below. 



Badgers Class assembly


Thank you to all the Parents, Grandparents,

Carers and Family members

whom attended our assembly this morning.


I'm sure you will agree that the children

performed and informed wonderfully!

They had been so excited prior and were so proud afterwards. 



Finishing our 'Cave Art'...

The children had a great time creating their own 'cave art' and they have managed to make some really authentic looking work! 

Well done Badgers.



Because we are writing explanation texts in Literacy, this week we have been learning

about 'Causal connectives'.


Here are some examples of the children's sentences...


The men were stunned, when they saw the DJ backflipping on a toilet seat.



They made a sign, because the children wanted Santa to stop at their house.



She opened the door, so she could escape.



We have journeyed far, because of the war.



He insisted they  should leave, because they were talking all the way through the movie.



The men were stunned when they saw cows flying in the air, so they put up their umbrellas.




Children in Need


Today we have worked together to decide what the word 'Hero' means to us and we have written our own definitions for the dictionary.


"A hero is someone who has done something great."

Sadie, Alex, Matilda, Harriet, Molly & Archie


"A hero is someone who guards you and takes care of you.  

A person who makes things possible."

Isabella, Xavier, Charlotte & Gabriel


"A hero is someone who guards you and is kind."

Oliver, Otis, Alfred, Carole, Emily & Clarice


"A hero is someone whom was or is great at something."

Frank, Kate, Maayan, Ted & Sonny


As a class we decided that a hero is someone who... can look up to.

...thinks about and helps others.

...fights crime and catches villains.

...helps the world.

...defeats bad people.

...makes things possible.

11th November 2015


Badgers class make poppies in

commemoration of Remembrance day.




We are thinking about how to lead others. 2.11.15

If I were the captain of my sports team, I would say to my team…..

‘listen to me’

‘don’t give up

‘keep going’

‘I’ll help you’

‘well done’

‘have fun!’

‘help each other’

‘try your best’

‘be confident, believe in yourself’

‘remember the tactics we discussed’

‘praise each other’


I was very proud of the sensible suggestions. Mrs Dabbs

Using disclosing tablets to see how well we brush our teeth!


Stone-age tool making.

As the Stone-age to the Iron-age has been our topic this half-term,

we tried our hand at making our own Stone-age tools.

Below are some photographs of us making axe heads

from dried clay and sandpaper.


Looking at our teeth. We found our incisors, canines and molars. We explored cutting with our incisors and grinding with our molars.

To all in Badgers class 2014-2015.

Thank you for a fabulous year.

I have really enjoyed teaching you all!

Mrs Branton



Today Badgers class, along with the rest of the school, took part in a Judo lesson. The children had a fantastic time!


Press printing our insect tiles.


Class Assembly

Thank you to all who attended our class assembly.

It was lovely to see so many faces...the children were very

excited and couldn't wait to share some of the things they

have learnt about this term.

I was very proud of them all. Well done Badgers!



Woodbridge Tide Mill

Badgers enjoyed an informative, fun day out at the Woodbridge Tide Mill.

We learnt about milling by hand, the technical terms for the mills equipment, how and when the mill worked/s and information about the people who worked there.

We had a fun lunch at Kingston playing field and then had a short stroll along the river Deben, stopping to sketch.


Literacy - Learning about playscript - A Midsummer Nights Dream by William Shakespeare

Mathematics - learning about different kinds of triangles


As part of our Topic for this half-term

(looking at the foods that come from Europe).

The children made pizza from scratch, including the dough.

They had a great time!

Hopefully they shared their creations with all at home?!

Please find some photographs of their hard work below.



The Suffolk Food Farming Fair:

We all had a super day out on Thursday at 'The Suffolk Food Farming Fair'. Although the weather was a little chilly to start with, it soon brightened up. We all learnt lots and had fun in the process!




The Hadleigh Show

As previously mentioned, the Badgers class, along with the other classes  of our school and many other schools in the area, entered the art show in the education tent at the Hadleigh Show.

I am pleased to say that 'Badgers' class came 3rd in the KS2 entries, along with the 'Squirrels' class, who came 1st in the EYFS entries.




'It's Our World' /Hadleigh Show Art Competition.


Along with the other classes in our school, our class has put together a piece of 'Art work' for the 'It's Our World' and 'The Hadleigh Show' Art competitions.


The 'It's Our World' competition brief was to base the Art work produced on your locality and if producing a collage, to use recycled materials to show an awareness of the environment. We used packaging you would find in any recycle bin, to create our piece. The competition is to celebrate the UN's World Environment Day - 5th June 2015.

The entire collection will be handed over to the British Library to coincide with COP 21 - World Leaders' Climate Change Summit in Paris.
The aim is to give the nation's children and young people a celebratory platform to speak out for positive environmental action through art.


Please take a look at our entry.



Today I received an email from the 'It's Our World' team. Please see below.


"Just checked out the Online Gallery to see the fab artwork celebrating Kersey Village. It's such an inspiring artwork and totally on message with the use of recycled materials.
In fact it's just so lovely, with your permission, we would like to post it as Artwork of the Week on It's Our World Facebook page."


Best regards and many thanks indeed.

The It's Our World team


If you're on Facebook, please have a look and click 'like', to support the children. Thanks.


The Hadleigh Show piece needed to be in celebration of 'The Hadleigh Year of the Sheep'. Please look out for our entry at the Hadleigh show!


We have used the piece below to enter both competitions.


The children are pleased and proud of their finished piece; for which they worked together, to produce. 

Easter Performance:

I am sure you will join me in being incredibly proud of Badgers class for their Easter performance. They were absolute stars!


The performance:



Performance Poetry

This week in class, we have been looking at 'Performance Poetry'.


The children tried their hand at writing short rhyming couplets during one of our warm-ups. They have also read Poetry written for Performance with intonation and character.

(*I hope to upload some examples of these soon!)

**Unfortunately, the videos are too large to upload, which is such a shame as the children have made such a good job of their class performance!


Next week we are continuing with this theme and will finish the week, having written our own Poem for Performance. 


Some examples of the children's rhyming 'Couplets'. 24.02.15


As you all know, we have been writing stories for

the BBC Radio 2 500 Words competition.

(*The closing date for uploading any remaining stories is 26th February 2015 - 19:00hrs)


Below are a mixture of the stories submitted from our class...

I'm sure you will agree that the children have made a super job of them!

​(These are the stories which were sent to me over the half-term break.)



It was Saturday night and I was playing shark attack at Beavers. I slipped and fell down a hole. It was a very deep hole and I fell down, down into another world. A skate world, and there was a famous BMX person called Endobunnyhop.  Someone had stolen his BMX. Endobunnyhop  and I went to look for it on our skateboards, we looked everywhere but we could not find it. Then I saw a glimpse of a BMX on the fast road. I ran and got into a car with Endobunnyhop , we caught up with the pink van fairly quickly. I  jumped on the roof and opened the door and clambered in. There was the robber. I got a snake. I tried to hypnotise him but it was not a real snake. Then I sat on the robber and pulled into the layby. Then I called 999 and the police came.

By Sonny Hinton-Barnett


Isabel and Loom

“Bang!” went the firework.  It had come out of nowhere.  All of a sudden the bonfire burst into flames.  Isabel ran over to the other side of the whizzing, booming firework display.  “Zoom!” went another firework.  Isabel fell over; she couldn’t get up as she was too afraid.  She crawled backwards slowly.  Something was hiding behind the bonfire.

There was a flash of red.  She screamed!  It was a monster with long green claws, red fur and yellow eyes.  Isabel froze as the monster ran off.  She shouted “STOP! What’s your name?”  He turned back and stared at her with his evil eyes.  He growled the word “Loom”.   “Loom is my name”. His voice was dark and gloomy,” I have been travelling for many days and I saw the lights and came to investigate”

Loom than asked the girl her name “Isabel” she said, she was no longer as frightened which made Loom very happy. She asked if he had any more family – three more sister and three more brothers he said who are not far away.

Suddenly a Catherine Wheel was lit and the screaming sound scared Loom away. Isabel decided to go and look for him in the dark to see if she could find and help him.

She walked across the field getting her new shoes very muddy indeed, then at the edge of the field she jumped over the ditch and found a stream on the other side. She managed to stop herself from falling in but decided she wanted to cross because she could see Loom’s footprints in the mud. As soon as she stepped in the stream her torch ran out of battery and she was very frightened, but suddenly she heard a growling sound that she recognised as Loom’s growl.

She called out to him to come and help her and she saw his eyes glowing yellow like a thousand fireflies in the dark coming towards her. Loom picked her up out of the water and took her to his home which was underground and had a huge hole instead of a door. Isabel saw the rest of his family in the different rooms which were muddy dents in the side of the enormous burrow.

Loom said: “I must take you back to your family” so he picked her up and put her on his back; she sat on his soft red fur. They went back through the stream and over the muddy field to where the fireworks had been, they could hear Isabel’s parents calling for her. Loom dropped her down and she ran to her Mum. When she looked back there was no sign of Loom at all.

Isabel was going to tell her parents what had happened as she was wet, muddy and shivering but she kept it a secret because she thought no one would believe her.

That night while she was asleep she dreamt about her new friend Loom.

By Violet Auld


Sid and the Tsunami

Boom… the air was filled with dust. The baby dinosaur’s eye opened for the first time, looking up into the bright sky it heard a loud thunderous roar. It jumped up in terror, with his little legs racing to its mummy screeching. Its mother said “It’s okay Sid,” then suddenly, a huge thing shook the ground, the dinosaurs didn’t know what to expect.


They walked 3 days and 2 nights then they stopped somewhere for the night. It was under a gigantic hollow tree. Exhausted, they fell fast asleep for the night.


The next day, the dinosaurs got up and started to head for the mountains because they would be safe there. However, the dinosaurs knew that the water had already hit their homeland, so it was not far behind them. It was like a cat chasing a mouse. The dinosaurs rushed to the mountains desperate to get to safety.


The herd had been running non- stop for what felt like forever. The leader, Sid’s dad, Bull dust rushed them to get away from the tsunami which was following them.


Sadly, the tsunami had taken some of the herd away. Sid ran as fast as his little legs would go. He ran to the mountains and stopped he saw that it had hit them. All the trees were getting crushed in the brown dirty water rushing over their heads. He galloped over to his mum and said, “ I’m scared…”

“Never be afraid” his mum replied.


They saw a huge crashing wave and Sid ran and grabbed every baby that had fallen over and all of the kids had got up to the mountain. All of Sid’s family and friends were dead. Sid and the others stayed on the mountain until the water had gone. Slowly, the soil soaked up all the water like a sponge.


They went back home and every thing was destroyed. They slept in the windy weather outside without anyone to take care of them- they were terrified but they had to be brave because there was nothing they could do about it. They were stranded alone in the cold but their souls were glowing.


Suddenly Sid saw a hole in the mountain, he poked his head through and saw nothing but rocks. He woke up all the others and they all went in to see what Sid was talking about, thumping everywhere. They walked around looking for help. Sid saw nothing but bones scattered on the floor everywhere he walked, looking for something to remind him of his parents.


Sid looked around searching for something, anything? Then in the distance he saw a bright light. He ran towards it, but as he ran further the light got smaller. When Sid reached it, it was a small hole of light. He squeezed his little arm through, and then suddenly he slipped and fell, falling through clouds. Then surprisingly…


Sid the little boy sat up in bed rubbed his eyes and smiled, it was only a dream!

By Nathaniel Atherton


Creepy Dream

Alex woke up very early one Sunday morning and it was still dark in his bedroom.  He had felt something touching his leg and then he thought he could hear something rustling in the corner of the room.  He went to try and wake his brother, Jago up but he wasn’t there.  Then he ran into his mum and dad’s room but they weren’t there either.  He started panicking.  Where was everyone?  The noise was getting louder. Alex saw something on Jago’s bed so he ran away downstairs and hid in the big cupboard under the stairs and he heard it coming down the stairs.


Suddenly, he saw a keyhole at the back of the cupboard, he twisted it with his finger and a door slowly, creaked open and he crept through and there was a massive room filled with robot dolls everywhere.  The robot dolls had red, glowing eyes and big metal claws and they were hanging on chains.  They spoke in weird robot voices, but would not tell me what they wanted and what they were doing in my house.


The room was full of large cardboard boxes and Alex found a book.  He opened it, but there was no writing on the pages.  On the wall was a large mirror, which had a massive crack right down the middle of it.  He showed the book up to the mirror and the writing appeared on the pages of the book, together with a picture of his house and a picture of one of the dolls.  He looked at the side of the mirror and there were chains hanging down, but one doll was missing.  He went back to the cupboard and thought to himself, that must have been the noise I heard.  He was now so scared.  It must have been one of the dolls in my room and what had it done with my family.


He stumbled out of the cupboard as fast as he could, carrying the book which was still open.   He saw something at the bottom of the garden, which looked like the doll in the book.  He turned the page in the book and there were instructions on how to blow up the dolls.  It said to punch both of its eyes with a magic nail.  Alex remembered that when they first moved into the house there were old nails in the beams on the ceiling, which his dad had told him were placed there a long time ago when the house was built to ward off evil spirits.  He went back into the house and into the living room and climbed up onto the fireplace and saw a golden glowing nail, which he pulled as hard as he could.  He had the nail and ran back outside.  He threw the nail and it hit the doll right in the eyes.  He suddenly heard footsteps and he woke up to find his mum in his room.  It had all been a bad dream.

By Alex Gibbons


The Adventures of Pizza World

Helena couldn't wait until morning, it was her Birthday.  Once downstairs, her mum started singing 'Happy Birthday'.  Helena had lots of presents.  The first was very small, when she opened it, she squealed.  It was lunch at Helena's favourite restaurant 'Pizza Palace'.  Helena didn't open the others and ran upstairs, feeling very happy.  Helena got dressed chanting 'I'm going to Pizza Palace'.  Helena got into the car carefully; she didn't want to spoil her best outfit.  Helena went with her younger brother Tom, Dad and Mum.


At the restaurant, Helena pushed the car door open and clambered out, 'Wait, you don't know what table I booked!' shouted Mum, Helena stopped outside the front door of the restaurant.  When Mum arrived she pushed open the door.  They ordered something to drink, however Helena had the feeling that she should go outside.  Her legs were sore, so she sat down on a bench; it started to spin, faster and faster.  Helena closed her eyes.  With a thump the bench stopped and she opened her eyes.  It was amazing; she was in a world made of pizza!


Helena saw a girl about her age, by a tree made out of pizza.  Speedily she ran her, only to realise that the girl was very sad.  Helena decided to comfort her, 'what's your name?' she said, and the girl answered 'Milly', 'what's wrong?' Helena replied.  Milly whispered 'an evil devil is on his way to Pizza World'.  Helena felt sorry for her, she had to help somehow.  A genius plan entered her head, 'Why don't we fight the devil ourselves?' exclaimed Helena.  Milly nodded and guided them to the devil's castle.  Upon arrival, the two girls’ watched sadly how horribly the devil was treating the people, Milly and Helena backed away.  'We need to chase the devil away' Milly whispered.  'What then?' asked Helena, 'we need to lock him in his own prison!'.


‘We can't go in the front door because it’s busy' explained Milly.  'Let's climb in a window' Helena announced.  They spotted an open window.  In they climbed, it was horribly gloomy inside. Once inside they started looking for the devil, eventually they found the horrible creature.  'This is the hard part' whispered Milly.  'Ow!' Yelled the devil, they had squeezed his wrists.  They dragged the devil downstairs,  'Oh no!' shouted Milly 'get the keys quickly!'.  The devil was locked up, they asked his men to come and live in Pizza World.  With joyfulness the girls freed all the families, everybody went home really happy.  Milly's parents were really pleased with Helena and Milly. 


'Er, I need to go back to the restaurant' explained Helena.  It didn't take long to get to the tree.  'Look!' exclaimed Helena, 'it's a door' shouted Helena.  Milly knew it was the way back to Pizza Palace.  Helena started to go through the door and immediately she started spinning. 'Simply amazing' screamed Helena forgetting her parents could hear.  'What?' asked her family, 'the flowers' replied Helena and smiled….

By Romy Bharat


All Alone.

Whoosh, Crack, Howl!  The stormy wind blew and the thundering lightening shot beyond the black night sky.  Heidi, a small but confident nine year old girl, was walking down a gloomy path searching for a cosy, safe place to sleep.  She was cold and wet, her hands were stiff and blue.  She was struggling to hold on to the giant bags that contained her belongings. 


Heidi was brave and fierce, she had to be, she was all alone in the world since her Mum and Dad deserted her.  Heidi moved from place to place searching for a home.  Each place she came to she was able to stay a short while before she had to leave.  Now, walking down this lonely path in the wind and rain, Heidi felt more alone than ever. 


Finally she found a dimly lit door with a sign above it saying 'Visitors Welcome'.  Heidi smiled, maybe this would finally be a home.  She opened the door, "Hello?" Heidi whispered, "Is anybody there?"

Bang! The door slammed shut behind her, sending the noise echoing around the walls.  Heidi jumped and gasped, she felt terrified.  She could hear distant whispers.  "H...h...hello?" she repeated timidly, not knowing if she should stay or run away.  The voices came closer and closer but Heidi couldn't see any people.  She stepped backwards until her back hit the cold door.  She turned and tried to open the door but it was locked.

One of the voices whispered "There is no turning back!"

Suddenly Heidi realised that she was in a frightening haunted house and there were monsters all around her.  The little girl shrieked with horror.

"Heidi, we were expecting you!"

" do you know my name?" Heidi was almost too terrified to speak and too frozen to run away, well, you would be scared too if you were surrounded by monsters wouldn't you!?!

"It's ok, we are not going to hurt you, we live in the house.  No one wants to live here because it is too creepy.  We knew that you had nowhere to live and were all alone and thought you might like to live here.  You are a brave little girl aren't you? Are you brave enough to live in a spooky house?"

"I guess so" said Heidi.  She suddenly remembered how cold and wet she was.  The monsters in this house are not as horrid as being in a storm.

All of a sudden Heidi felt dizzy and her head started whirling.

"Heidi, Heidi..." the monsters called....


"Heidi, Heidi..." They sounded just like her Mum... "Wake up, you are going to be late for school."

As Heidi opened her eyes she was not in a haunted house but in her bed, in her bedroom, warm and snug under her duvet.  She went downstairs to have breakfast.  Heidi thought for a minute "It was all just a dream"

"What was that?" questioned her Mum.

"I'll tell you after school" replied Heidi.

By Freya Marshall



Twang! He wriggled and bounced in his rubbery environment. A dimly lit, orangey wall surrounding him. He stretched and found nothing. How should he explore this place? Looking about him he realised the roof was curved and speckled. Upon opening his mouth it tasted sweet. He listened and could detect muffled scrapping. He sensed occasional movement and vibrations.

Examination of the circular space revealed that one end was pointed and the other slightly curved. He tried to pull towards the distant cone but constantly found himself wrenched back to the centre. The stretching exhausted him and he rapidly dozed off.

A rolling sensation jerked him awake. Stuffy and hot he found he needed to stretch but was cramped. A barrier was restricting his every movement and he eventually gave up. Had it been as tiny as this or had he expanded? There were certain differences; the light was increasingly vivid, sounds were crisper and movements more robust. Most alarming of all was the closeness of the pointed and curved ends, they now tightly encased him, he was trapped!

Creek! An explosive noise made him jump vigorously, he was catapulted straight into the wall and crack, a peculiar line appeared. He could hear loud, cheeping and erupting noises. There was a blaze of light, then bunches of shells, chicks and feathers. Another creek and a kind faced woman picked him up and said, “You’re a new comer, I think I will call you Charlie. Well, settle in little chap!” Charlie nestled with his fellow chicks and they napped beneath mother hen’s warm down. Rest was needed, tomorrow they would explore. 

By Charlie Hill




The classroom went silent, Abbie walked through the classroom. Everybody stared at her; she sat down near the cupboard. No one knew what was in the cupboard. No one would dare to go in, no one would even dear too look at it!!! But the Abbie was the only who would go near it! It was time to go home, Abbie stayed, she stared at the cupboard, she held the handle of the cupboard but she ran home leaving the cupboard door wide open.                                                                             

Abbie ran home as quick as a flash!!! She called for her Mum and she called for her Dad but no one was home but just when she was going to go upstairs the door creaked open, it was only her Mum and Dad coming home. She stayed up all night thinking about the cupboard! It was the next day Abbie was very early she saw the cupboard door was open and she was going to shut it but she saw something in there. It was a portal and she thought to herself if she would just of opened the cupboard no one would be scared. She shut the door and sat down ready for class, everybody new that the cupboard had been opened!!!

Abbie’s friends wouldn’t play with her because they all knew that she was the one that opened the cupboard being that she was the only one who sat next to it! She was so bored because no one was playing with her. She was thinking what she could do? She couldn’t just tell them it wasn’t her because no one would believe her. She went home feeling so sad. Her mum and dad asked what was but wrong but she pretended that she couldn’t hear them. Abbie went to bed she could get to bed better now that she knew there was only a portal in the cupboard.

The next day everybody knew it was Abbie because she moved right next to the cupboard and had a little peek inside. It was time for school to end Abbie said to her best friend I want to show you something. Everyone was peeking behind the door. She showed her best friend what was in there her friend was so amassed and so was everyone else watching. Everyone came in and the teacher said carefully “Well done for opening the cupboard everyone else was so scared but you were the only one who opened it and even I was scared of the cupboard.” The teacher was so proud of her and he said “Tomorrow we can all go in the portal and see what’s in there but for now your parents are waiting outside to collect you.” Everyone was so excited to go in the cupboard and Abbie was so glad. Everyone was watching as one by one they stepped into the portal, because now no one was scared. It was all because of Abbie. The excitement as everyone stepped in to the cupboard was amazing. 

By Sadie Lombardo



Amy was sitting quietly in her dressing gown, having breakfast while watching the TV when the post arrived. Her Dad shouted down the stairs to collect it. There were some bills “boring” she muttered, a thank you letter from mum’s friend Julie. Why were there never any for her? She was about to go back when another letter popped through addressed to her! It was covered in sequins, hearts and a couple of feathers “Wow!” she breathed. She ran back to the kitchen just in time to see the news.

“Thee men have been stealing famous inventions. They are dressed as policemen with one fat, one small and one thin. The reward for finding them is £1000,000.” 


Amy sat down on her bed and opened the letter. It was from her aunt, who had invited her to stay. She was an inventor and had made Amy a bed that rocked you to sleep and a jumper that sung lullabies. She asked her Dad if she could go, but he did not look so sure, her aunt was his sister and she was a bit weird! But at last he agreed.


On the day her Mum drove, while her Dad hid in the back.  When they arrived, they were just about to knock, when a robot opened the door.

“Your – aunt - is – in – the – living- room.”

As they entered, with her Dad whimpering behind, they could not see their aunt anywhere.

“Oh, I see you have arrived” she said,” I was just trying out my new invisibility pill!”

“Cool” Amy murmured, her Dad peered out from behind Amy’s Mum and his mouth dropped open.

“Well” said her Mum quickly, ”Why don’t we go home now?”

“Yes, Downtown Abbey is about to start”.  Said her Dad as they tiptoed out.

“Right, bed now” her aunt said sternly “My visitors will be arriving shortly.” Amy wanted to know who the visitors were, so when her Aunt wasn’t looking Amy popped an invisibility pill into her mouth. It tasted of strawberries and cream.


A knock at the door “Oh that will be my visitors” she said excitedly. As she opened the door and three men stomped into the room, one fat, one small and one thin, dressed as policemen!

“Hello” said her rather surprised Aunt.

When the men were packing up their van Amy decided to follow them. She grabbed some invisibility pills and jumped into the van, she had to hold her nose because it smelt of rotten eggs! 


Later, the van stopped. What are they doing she thought? As the men got out she kicked the fat man.

“Eh was that you Robert?’ he screamed

“NO” shouted the thin man. Then she punched him.

“Hey Ollie was that you?’ he cried

“No” shortly they were all fighting. Amy then called the police who arrested the three men, and gave her the reward money. Amy was thrilled, until she saw her aunt… uh oh she thought, more trouble!

By Matilda Shepherd




Science - 'Rocks and Soils'.


After the much anticipated 'eruption' was finally here!


Below are the videos of the children's Volcanoes 'erupting'.

I'm sure you will agree that they have made a really good job of them!


How to make your papier-mâché​ model Volcano erupt.

You will need:

  • Bicarbonate of Soda
  • Soap powder
  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Optional - food colouring red or orange
  • A ready made papier-mâché drinking bottle Volcano
  • A waterproof tray or the garden
  • A tablespoon​
  • A funnel



  • Take your papier-mâché Volcano and place it on your waterproof tray/in the garden.
  • Remove the bottle's lid and keep it safe.
  • Using a funnel add one tablespoon of Bicarbonate of Soda, one tablespoon of soap powder, approximately 180ml of water and the food colouring, into the drinking bottle.
  • Place the lid back onto the bottle and shake from side to side to mix together well.
  • Next, remove the lid and place the funnel once again into the neck of the drinking bottle.
  • Pour approximately 45ml of vinegar into the bottle and quickly stand back!
  • Watch your Volcano 'erupt'!





Gabriel, Archie, Xavier, Frank and Austin

Still image for this video

Ella, Violet, Jessica and Hettie's group

Still image for this video

Harriet, Sadie, Tilda, Heidi and Freya's group

Still image for this video

Charlie, Thomas, Leo, Sonny and Nathaniel's group

Still image for this video

With extra vinegar, the final eruption takes place!

Still image for this video

Badgers have been working very hard, learning all about 'Rocks and Soils' in Science this half-term, with our focus being Volcanoes.


For homework the class were asked to investigate a Volcano of their choice and out of 22 children, 16 different Volcanoes were presented.

I was very impressed! There were a mixture of dormant, extinct and active Volcanoes from all around the world.


Below are some photographs of the children using papier-mâché to make their drinking bottle Volcanoes.



Making our Volcanoes.


In class, this coming week, we will be making something

exciting in Science.


Please could each child bring a small plastic bottle (500ml is sufficient) into school on Monday.


Thank you for your support.

Mrs. Branton


Colchester Castle

Badgers had a fantastic day out at Colchester Castle.


Colchester or Camulodunum, as it was known during the Roman times,

was the capital of Roman Britain, so there was a wealth of information

and practical activities for the children to experience.


They tried their hand at being Archaeologists, studied pottery,

made both a Roman Villa and Celtic Round House and explored the

vaults in the bowels of the castle.


We also discovered that the vaults are now believed to have

been part of the foundations of the recently discovered Temple of Claudius, which originally stood on the site of the Colchester castle.


Here are a few photographs of our day out!

Badgers have been learning how to use Powerpoint in Computing. They successfully inserted images (including photos they have taken) and text into their shows. Also, some children were able to animate their slides and include some sounds too! What a talented class!

An extremely wet but thoroughly enjoyable Lodge Farm visit.

The children have been learning to tell the time. Here are lots of websites for them to play on if you want them to have some more practice.

Using our brand new microscopes!

Badgers letter home about this term

The summer is nearly here!

We have almost made it to the six weeks holidays and I would like to thank everyone for making my first you at Kersey a memorable and fun filled one. The children across the year have worked incredibly hard. From Sports events, to their tests week. I look forward to carrying on working with the new Year 5's next year in Owl class and wish all the new Year 4's the best of luck in Badger class next term.

Have a wonderful summer holidays and see you all in September.


Mrs Biltcliffe

What a great day at Hollow Trees Farm!


Year 4 enjoyed a farm filled day on Tuesday when we visited Hollow Trees Farm. We were taken on 2 tractor rides, learnt how are food is made and got to feed a variety of animals.

Thank you very much to all the staff at Hollow Trees


Sports Week


During our first day of Sports Week, Badgers were given the chance to try their hand at Golf and also were set a few challenges during some circuit training.

Charlie really enjoyed using the bats that made the ball fly!

Agatha's favourite part of circuit training was putting the right part of the body into the hoop. 



Today the children were given the chance to show us their best Hip Hop moves during a Street Dance lesson led by J. The children certainly showed me they had some moves. 

In the afternoon the children were taught how to play hand ball by Mr Riley, who the children know from their weekly Multisports lessons.

Rab really enjoyed Handball, so much that he really wants to do it again.

Carrie thought that Street Dance was "Epic!"


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


This was a busy day! The children tried hard during all of Sports Day. They all had a go and trying lots of different events. From a football challenge to using the hockey skills they have learnt earlier this term. 

Lola loved the flat races during Sports Day.

Jago really enjoyed being part of the relay race for his team. 


Today the children have been taught the rules of Tag Rugby and also given the chance to try their hand at a game. We certainly have some great wingers in Badgers class.

We were then treated to a majorette lesson. 

Nathianiel said "My favourite part if today was scoring a try!"

Heidi liked spinning the baton during Majorettes.


Still image for this video

Lots of fun at Thorpe Woodlands

All of the children in Key Stage 2 enjoyed a great day at Thorpe Woodlands on Friday the 20th June. The sun shone throughout the day and the children enjoyed a whole host of activities. 

However we are still on the lookout for the squirrel who ate Austin's lunch! 

Badger class Summer Term letter.

Run Badgers Run!

On Tuesday the 18th of March, Years 3 and 4 were invited to take part in a Cross Country event at Elmsett Primary School.

We had a great turn out and everyone put in 100%.

Well done to Thomas Shepherd we can 2nd in the Boys race. Overall our school came 3rd.

Well done to all those involved.

Miss Sills

Well done to all the children this morning for their great work in the assembly! Also thank you to all parents who took the time today to come and watch their children. 


What amazing homework!

I could not believe the standard of posters that were handed in to me for homework this week. The time and effort that have gone into them were amazing! I am going to being putting them up on display in our classroom so that the whole school can see what a creative class we have. Well done Badger class!

Drawing, painting and printing

Badgers art topic this term is printing. So far we have looked at a picture and taken a very small every to copy and sketch. The week after we painted that same image without using a pencil to help them. Next week will be trying to print our designs onto paper and fabric. 

Spring Term Newsletter 2014

Could all children please have a pair of track suit trousers in their PE kits. As the weather is starting to change to a typical cold and damp England, the children need to stay as warm as they can. Thank you.

Miss Sills

Rio 2016, here comes Badger Class!

Using the vault

Still image for this video
Over the past 6 weeks, every Monday afternoon, Badgers have been practicing their gymnastic skills. From forward rolls and balancing, to even being able to use a spring board onto a vault. I have been amazed by every member of the class during this time and hope some of them keep up this great work!

Forward Rolls

Still image for this video

Using the bars

Still image for this video

A "Beary" good Children in Need day. Well done to everyone in Badger class who helped raise money for Children in need last Friday. We had a great day and it was fantastic to see all the different bears from huge white cuddly bears to a bear disguised as Batman!!!

Watch out there's a Roman army about! In Badger class we are designing and making our own shields!

Mr Knicker Bocker

Still image for this video
Badger class have learnt a new rhyme to help them go over their times tables. We have spent time outside trying it to different rhythms and also with different movements. I hope Badger class have been using this at home to help them with their times tables!

Making our Roman Janus masks