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Sports Week

Queen's Birthday Celebrations

African Adventure Day Four

Wow, wow, wow! We have started today with blowing away the cobwebs on a 2 mile beach walk. Thankfully the sun was shining during our water game. It's almost time for lunch, but most excitingly about today is we get the sleep on the African Village. 


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African Adventure Day Three

Still not saved the village yet, but we have worked on our climbing skills and our building skills in making a shelter. 

At the moment we are making life builds to tell the story of what has happened to us so far in our life. 


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African Adventure Day Three

We are up nice and early already! Another fun filled day today and hopefully the weather stays dry! Lets hope we can save the African village today!!!


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African Adventure Day Two

Phew, we thought yesterday was jam packed full of things! Mine clearing, low ropes and more time on the beach. We're going to struggle with dinner tonight as we had to win our cutlery during archery!

African Adventure Day One

What an amazing first day! We've just finished our delicious dinner and we are now settling down for our big Africa quiz!

We've done so much already, including some time on the beach! 


Fossils have been found!

To work with our evolution topic this term we have created our own fossils. Can you see any animals in our fossils?

A Royal piece of artwork.


Well done to Owls class to completing my difficult art task. Each pupil was given a small piece of the photo and asked to recreate it. I think they did amazingly! 

Discovery Cafe

Our Discovery Cafe this term was all about Science. As a class we decided to focus on Space and more specifically, Tim Peake. We thought about how we could bring him back to Earth safely, which some of our groups struggled with! Creating a waterproof boat that would get Tim safely back to dry land and also create space outfits for our space teams: M.M.S.S (Mini Minion Space Station.), N.O.S.A. (National Owl Space Agency) and P.A.S.S. (Pug Asteroid Space Station.) 


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Young Artist


Congratulations to Ava and Flora, whose art work has been chosen to be part of this years exhibition in Aldeburgh.


Well done to both girls!

Premier Sports Day


What an amazing day we have had in Owls class today! A big well done and thank you to all the made it to the early morning fitness session. It was a great way to get started first thing in the morning.


We also have some great street dancers in our class. Why not ask your children to show you the routine they have learnt today! 

Spring Newsletter

Merry Christmas from Owls class!

We have had a great day creating our Christmas cards and decorations.

It was certainly a windy reindeer run!




All of Owls had a great time at Duxford on Monday. We not only learnt about life and work during the Battle of Britain, but also a lot of the science behind what makes a plane work!

All the children were brilliantly well behaved and I was very proud of them. 

Long division homework.

Here is an image to help you out with your homework, just in case you forget.

Hello from India!


We are very excited to have a link with a primary school in India. Over the past few weeks the children have been thinking of questions to ask and during the October half term we were very excited to have received a response!


We are now in the process of making a video all about our school to send to India. We are hoping that we might get  one sent back to us!


Hello dear friends.

It is a pleasure to receive your e-mail and to know more about you. We are children of standard 3 from Jayshree teacher’s class. We are also of the same age as you all. We are learning about many different topics in standard 3. We visited a nearby creek and learnt about the mangroves. We also visited the water treatment plant to learn about the recycling of sewage water so as to reuse it. Most of us travel around 3 to 4 Km and take 20 to 30 minutes to reach our school. We are served a healthy snack in school at 10:30 am.  We usually carry chapatti (bread) and a vegetable preparation along with salads and curd/buttermilk as a packed lunch to school. We also leave the primary school when we are 10 to 12 years old.

During the day at school apart from our classroom learning, we do many other activities like artwork, handwork and sports.


As a part of our ISA project in PE (Physical Education) this year, we are learning about sportsmanship (“Sportsmanship- A Fair Affair”). Our teachers made many presentations and shared stories and information about sports person and  Sportsmanship.

We are learning about the great football players, Lionel Messi from Argentina and Baichung Bhutia from India. Both these players play amazing football.  Do you watch football matches on television or play football in your school? 


We also celebrated 29th August as our National Sports Day as it was the birth anniversary of Major Dhyan  Chand, the great Hockey player from India. Our P.E. teacher, Shashank Sir shared many incidents from the life of Dhyan Chand. We all enjoyed the stories and were truly inspired by him. We are eager to know if you too have a national sport and national sports day in your country.


We recently played a Inter-class Football tournament in our school and out of the seven division in which we reached the finals. Unfortunately, we lost to Rose teacher’s class in the finals. Our whole team was very sad and disappointed on loosing the tournament, but as a true sportsmen we accepted our defeat and decided to do our best in the upcoming tournament. Do you also play such tournaments at your school?


Hope the above information was useful.  It will be nice to hear back from you.

Best wishes to you all.

Children of standard 3,

Jayshree Teacher’s Class.

Performance Poetry


We have been looking at how poems can be performed in an interesting way using two people. Here is Jacob and Leo performing a piece based around our topic of World War Two.


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The challenge is on!

Starting this week the children in Owls class are starting a new reading challenge. Due to our class receiving a wealth of new books we have decided to take on our own version of the reading challenge. We will be setting ourselves our own targets, finding new authors and creating work around the books we have been reading. The first of which is this weeks homework. By creating these posters we can show whoever comes into our classroom what our favourite book is.

Stay tuned for more challenges and photos of our newly designed book area. 

Autumn term newsletter

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye!

In RE we have started to look at the idea of a gospel. The children spent time watching different clips that link to the word, coming up with different definitions. 

We finished our lesson by telling some good news in the style of a town crier. Take a look at some of our attempts of telling good news about things that have been happening at Kersey Primary School!


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Please remember this week:

  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Drink

Sports Week

Climbing wall, Army assault course, Sports Day and Dance!

Blimey, what a week!!!

A musical extravaganza!

Well done to the whole of Owl class for their fabulous clarinet performance at DanceEast last Wednesday. It was a hard day in terms of singing, playing and space, but the whole class were fantastic!

Lights, camera, action!

What an amazing time we had at the Harry Potter Studios. The children learnt about green screen technology, set design and animatronics. 


Whilst we were at the studios we tried out their green screen room. This involved us sitting on a set of green steps. All we were told to do was look scared and up on a screen popped our photos with us inside the flying car! 

We then learnt that this is how many of the scenes that involved things that flew were created. 

72 wow!

A very well done to Jonah, who last week was the first person this year to achieve 72 out of 72 on his Big Maths Beat That test.

Also a well done to Connor for having to mark it under all that pressure!

What an amazing World Book Day!

I would like to say a very well done to everyone who took part in World Book Day this year. It was a huge success and all the children really seemed to enjoy all the activities I had planned, they especially seemed to enjoy the chocolate making!

Congratulations to Joe, for winning the best outfit in our class, but also well done to everyone for some very imaginative costumes (and wigs!)


Slam Dunk!

A very well done to all the year 5's and 6's who attended this year pyramid basketball tournament. 

Everyone put in 100% and Mrs Newbigging was incredibly proud of all those that took part, as am I. 

Another well done goes to Jonah for being awarded the Fair Play Sportsmanship award. 


Well done: Jacob, Olivia, Dylan, Connor, Louis, Agatha, Flora, Lola, Harry W, Jonah, Grace and Jago. 

Can I please remind all parents to return their Snape Maltings trip letter as soon as possible. Whether or not your child is able to come, please return the letter with your decision.


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for all the children and is something we have been  rehearsing now for nearly a month, in our music lessons. 

If you can not access the tickets page please use the following link. (You do not have to come to watch the performance if you are unable to.)

Please check the important information tab in the parents area, for information regarding the age limits of games that children play at home.

Well Done!

A very well done to all those that came to Hadleigh High on Friday evening to take part in the small schools basketball practice. 

It was a great even run by Mrs Long and I know that it has helped the children greatly in showing them what the competition is going to be like on the 4th.

The children coped really well with all three matches and showed real strength and determination.

Well done Kersey Primary School basketball team!!! 

Life Exhibition

On Thursday 22nd of January, Owls were invited to attend the Life Exhibition at the Hadleigh United Reformed Church.


Using I-Pads and films the children were able to follow the life of Jesus and see how his teaching is still relevant for today. 


The children loved how interactive each 'zone' was and certainly enjoyed the music videos that followed. 

Class Assembly 

Monday 26th of January


St Mary's Church






look at our sculptures!


Our topic this half term in DT is sculptures. The Owls were set the task of creating their own sculptures. Each one had to contain: clay, wool and a garden cane.

we certainly had a variety of different sculptures created. Can you figure out what some of these are?

We are Blogging mad!


For our ICT topic this term the class have been set up with their own internet Blog. Only the children have the passwords to get on and they know the rules of how to use this safely.

Why not ask your children to show you their Blogs and comments. Some are very interesting!

Here's Santa!!!

Clearly the Owls have been very good this year, as Father Christmas made a surprise visit during our Christmas Party. 

Merry Christmas!

The Owls certainly enjoyed their festive Christmas dinner yesterday! Hopefully the merriment will continue for the rest of this week.


Also a thank you to all for my lovely Christmas cards and presents.

Balancing in PE

During our gymnastic lessons this term we have been focusing our our balancing skills and using our core muscles. 

Can you name any of the balances our class are performing?



Thank you to all the parents and family that attended our class assembly this term. I never thought I would see my class singing and dancing along to the Dumb ways to Die theme song!

Well done Owls on a thoroughly entertaining class assembly. Here's to next terms!

What amazing homework!

I have been astounded at the level of homework that has been handed into me this week. The time and effort that the children have taken over their homework is clear to see. Information hasn't just been copied from the internet and we have even had some real life personal accounts, relating to World War Two. 

Stay tuned for images of all the brilliant work!

3D Shape Conundrum

During our Maths lessons this term we have been looking at the components that make up 3D shapes. To do this we have created nets for shapes, however some of these shapes were ones we have never made before. I certainly know creating a dodecahedron was a challenge!

The soup has landed!

Owls have been attacked by Alien Soup! During science over the past two weeks we have been studying the phenomenon of 'Alien Soup.'


During our first lesson the children had to separate all of the different components of the soup. The children found: paper clips, glitter, salt, wood shaving and food colouring! 

In the second lesson the class had to create their own recipes using imperative verbs, as well creating our own 'special' ingredients. I don't think some of our ingredients would be available at ASDA!

Owls Have Got Talent!

Over the past half the Owls have been impressing me with their dance skills. For the first few weeks we focused on a piece of music based around the ocean. The class had to learn a very complicated set of moves and perform them. More recently we have been looking at Pop songs and creating dances around those. 

Mrs Biltcliffe and I were extremely proud of the whole of Key Stage 2 for their fantastic performance of Jack and the Beanstalk last Friday.  I heard many wonderful comments from a range of parents saying how much they enjoyed it. Well done to all the children!


It has been an excellent year in Owls! The children have worked hard which is reflected in their amazing achievements. We wish all of the year 6 children well in their new adventures at their next school. Have a wonderful summer everyone! See you in September.

Mrs Dabbs

Jack and the Beanstalk!

Owls and Badgers had a fantastic day at Hollow Trees farm today. Highlights were the paper crusher, tractor ride, feeding the animals and using the till in the shop! 


Hollow Trees Farm Visit


Don't forget we are going to the farm on Tuesday 15th July. Children need to be taken and picked up from the farm. The weather is looking really great at the moment so sun cream and sun hats will be needed.


Thanks to all those who bought ice creams! We have raised enough money to buy 2 water filters for Africa!

Class assembly July 2014

CLASS ASSEMBLY-Wednesday 2nd July


Parents, you should have all received an invitation to Owls class assembly next Wednesday at 9.15am.


In it the children will tell you all about the week at African Adventure and what the other children achieved back at school.


See you there!


African Adventure


African Adventure

                  Friday 6th June


We spent our last night at African Adventure in the camp huts.  Before snuggling into our sleeping bags, we enjoyed a few games, toasting marshmallows, some drumming and a talent contest around the camp fire.  It is amazing how much talent Kersey and Whatfield children have! The children have a busy morning ahead, but are looking forward to coming home and telling you all about our adventures!

African Adventure

Thursday 5th June

We are all still having a fantastic time!  After another good night’s sleep we are going to the beach on a scavenger hunt, attempting to create natural dyes and weave the material, learn about carrying water great distances and build a camp fire.  Tonight we will be sleeping in the African Village, so will be leaving our luxurious bedrooms behind! 


Suffolk Orienteering Club have a beginners "Come and Try It" event this Sunday 8 June at Nowton Park, Bury St Edmunds. This is something that the children have been experiencing at school and might want to try in an unfamiliar environment with a parent.  The easiest course should be well within their capabilities.   Members of the club will be there offering help to beginners and I understand that entry onto the beginners courses will be free, subsidised by Suffolk County Council as part of the Queen's Baton Relay events this weekend. There may, though, be a small charge, usually 50p, to hire the electronic "dibber" that participants use to record their visit to each control. This and a few other aspects will be different to what we did at the school but they should pick it up fine if they ask for assistance before they start.

African Adventure 

Wednesday 4th June

The children woke up to a great breakfast of which some had second and third helpings! Today is shelter building, deactivating mines and archery. 


Tuesday 3rd June

The children finished the day by doing a night vision walk along a rope lead pathway with some surprises!


African Adventure

Monday 2nd June

The children arrived safely and have spent some of the morning team building with children from Whatfield.  They have been practicing their orienteering skills and have been completing a mapping exercise.  They are scheduled for a trip to the beach later this afternoon as well as an African Quiz!

Our excellent Netball Team!

Making mountains!

Year 6 Poetry

Spring Term Newsletter

Owls Visit to University!

Thank you very much to all the family and friends who came to support the Owls during their assembly. They were very excited and pleased to share their work with you and told me they wanted to do it again when we got back to class!! 

We are aware that some people found it hard to hear the children so will make sure in future that we make arrangements to ensure everyone can enjoy the assemblies. 

Mrs Dabbs

Class Assembly

Planting bulbs in the garden!

Basketball tournament at the High School

Below are the poems that were written and read beautifully by the Owls during the Harvest Festival service last week. Make sure you have a look at them!

What do you want to eat?

Juicy apples dripping down my cheesy chin

Fat orange pumpkins bursting with flavour

Red spotty strawberries gleaming while growing

Massive melons growing sweetly on the mud.

Glamorous grapes falling like a waterfall

Small carrots being plucked out of the ground like a game of tug or war

Blackberries gently bobbing on the bristly bushes

Wonderful wheat waving in the wind

This is what I want to eat.

By Grace 

Growing vegetables in the dirt

Golden wheat and sugar beet

Pumpkins that are sickly sweet

Are so many wonderful things to eat.

Crunchy carrots, perfect potatoes and home grown tasty turnips

Are the best for sure

Combine harvesters doing their job collecting crucial crops

Harvest time is definitely the best!

By Rose



Harvest time

Watching the farmers harvesting the lovely crops

Feeling the sticky juice from the fresh fruit on my hand

Hearing the sound of the combine harvester

Watching the tons of colourful veg being collected

Feeling the prickles from the brambles in my arm

Hearing the farmers cheering as harvest is over

Watching the fruit being laid out on a market stall

Feeling the rough soil on the perfect potatoes

Hearing the sound of people munching happily

Harvest time

By Lily, Lauren and Poppy 


Crops growing in the sun

Blackberries for everyone

Wheat, oats, sugar beet

wonderful to eat

potatoes grown underground

carrots, onions also found

beetroot, pumpkin swede too

broccoli, cauliflower good for you

runner beans like a fishing rod

at this time we give thanks to God

By Connor

Owls Autumn Term newsletter

Welcome to Owls!
Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we've done, and more. 
Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let your teacher know! 
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